Carbon Accounting Lead - Enterprise Client

Work Type: Full Time

Foodsteps is jointly recruiting for a Carbon Accounting Lead with one of our Enterprise Partners. The individual will be hired by Foodsteps and be a full-time member of the Foodsteps team, but will be dedicated to working with the Enterprise Partner on their Net Zero roadmap.

The Enterprise Partner is a global, public food company with an ambitious Net Zero goal.

About the role

 We are looking for a talented and motivated individual to:

  • Lead on the development and implementation of comprehensive data cleanse within the Partner's £750m procurement arm; focusing on the integrity of multiple data points across 5,000 suppliers in 75 categories.
  • Lead on the annual measurement of the Partner's Scope 1, 2 and 3 footprint to achieve a rebaselining in line with GHG Protocol, incl. reassessment of categories to ensure comprehension and to account for business acquisitions since the FY19 baseline was measured.
  • Lead on the submission to the SBTi to revalidate targets given new baseline and in line with FLAG guidance released September 2022.
  • Work with Foodsteps on the development of a blueprint for building specialist carbon accountancy capability - key objectives being threefold: (I) start building primary data (ii) develop quality insight and analysis (iii) share best practice with the industry and wider global Partner group - in particular its biggest markets, the US and Australia.
  • Understand the importance of broader environmental indicators, beyond carbon, and to support the Partner's ambition to partner academics into vital research exploring metrics needed in this space.
  • Create a repeatable system to measure the Partner's Scope 1-3 footprint on an annual basis which can demonstrate change in footprint over time.

Management and engagement

  • Manage a specialist team of two; one lead impact analyst and one junior analyst.
  • Engage with senior stakeholders across the Partner's sectors, to support each business’ understanding of the environmental impact of their procurement decisions, on the overall impact of their services and activities.
  • Engage with suppliers on key procurement data, Scope 1-3 reporting and LCA capability.
  • Support internal and external comms to celebrate measurable impact and candidly communicate learnings from key challenges.
  • Reports into Finance Director and Director for Delivery of Net Zero within the Enterprise Partner.

Experience and Skills


  • 3+ years of experience in an environmental or sustainability field.
  • Strong understanding and experience of relevant industry practices and standards for assessing Scope 1-3 emissions, in particular the GHG Protocol Standard.
  • Experience working with large and complex datasets.
  • Experience analysing and presenting complex data to senior stakeholders.


  • Advanced SQL skills
  • Ability to programmatically analyse text data files (CSV and JSON)
  • Ability to query APIs
  • Good understanding or experience of bringing together complex and variable sources into a queryable database.

Salary, Location and Benefits

  • £70,000 - £85,000 depending on experience.
  • Full range of benefits that Foodsteps offers including 27 paid holiday days, flexible working, share option plan and climate perks travel days.
  • UK location preferred but open to remote working from Europe.

About Foodsteps

We are a food sustainability start-up with a mission to help food businesses measure, reduce and communicate their environmental impact. Food systems account for around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and are the leading driver of biodiversity loss, so immediate positive change in this area is crucial if we are to avoid catastrophic consequences from the ecological crisis. We are seeking candidates who share our sense of urgency and passion for working on something that contributes to the solution.

Our Product

The Foodsteps Software Platform allows clients to enter details about their food items including the ingredients, origin of ingredients, production steps, transportation and waste streams in order to calculate the environmental impacts of the product for its entire lifecycle. Our Platform helps our customers achieve a range of exciting outcomes when it comes to decarbonising food impacts and making their food offering more sustainable. Our customers can download and use our environmental impact labels, set net zero targets, track their emissions over time, see the best recommendations for improving low-carbon menus and products, and automate ESG reporting across their organisation. We are working closely with some of the largest food companies in the UK, and are seeing growth in international markets too.

As interest in our Platform grows, we are looking to build the team to ensure we continue to give market leading insight into environmental impacts of food, and exceptional service to our customers. You will therefore be directly helping our aim to provide a best-in-class service to our customers that makes a real difference to food sustainability.

Our Team and Workplace

We are a UK-based company with an office space in London. Most of us go into the office two or three days a week, while some are fully remote. We are currently a team of about 30 people (check out the “About Us” section of our website).

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